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Anglo-Eastern launches on-line recruitment testing

Anglo-Eastern launches on-line recruitment testing

Mumbai: The training branch of Hong Kong headquartered Anglo-Eastern has launched a Web-based On-line Test for its deck and engine cadet pre-recruitment screening process. Peter Cremers (pictured), ceo of Anglo-Eastern Group said, "With the worldwide shortage of officers continuing to grow, we have to compete with other industries globally to attract the best talent for the modern ships. This testing creates an opportunity for us to explore new crew sources worldwide."

The tests, for Mumbai-based Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre (AEMTC), cover Maths, Science and English. Reasoning Ability and General Knowledge and are similar to the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) taken by students entering university. Besides giving instantaneous results, the system compares the scores achieved by applicants in different countries, against the national and international averages.

"Over 1500 applications are received by us each year," said Capt. Pradeep Chawla, AEMTC director for quality assurance and training. "The aim of introducing on-line testing is to standardize our recruitment procedures worldwide and to allow applicants to take the test from any part of the world, sitting at home or even in a cyber-café."

Anglo Eastern recruits around four hundred deck and engine cadets worldwide for the 200 ships managed by the company.  [21/01/08]