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ClassNK releases 1st HCSR compliant design software

ClassNK releases 1st HCSR compliant design software
ClassNK has released the first ship design software to be compliant with the new IACS Harmonised Common Structural Rules (CSR) for oil tankers and bulk carriers.

The PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) software is being offered free of charge to ClassNK customers in the shipyard and ship design sectors. The new Harmonised CSR, adopted by IACS in December of 2013, incorporates new requirements for ship-design-stage structural analysis and formulae for buckling, fatigue and residual strength criteria. The rules will come into force for all newbuild bulkers over 90m and all oil tankers over 150m on July 2015.

“While the new rules will mean safer ships, shipyards and designers will have to invest new resources to meet new design criteria and bring their designs into compliance with the new rules,” said Takuya Yoneya, ClassNK executive vp and head of development for the software.

“Thanks to the new interface with commercial CAD, PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) makes it possible to automatically generate FE models for the fore, mid, and aft sections of the ship, as well as very fine mesh and buckling panel data. This makes it possible to greatly reduce the time required for some of the most man-hour intensive parts of ship design work.”

The adoption of the new, more stringent rules in December follows the structural failure of the ClassNK-classified container vessel MOL comfort, which broke in half, burst into flame and sank between 17 and 27 June, as well as the evidence of buckling found on her sisterships.