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ClassNK updates nickel ore carriage guidelines

ClassNK updates nickel ore carriage guidelines
Tokyo: ClassNK has updated its guidelines for the carriage of nickel ore where the liquefaction of the cargo has led to four casualties in the last 17 months.  

The liquefaction of nickel ore leads to sloshing resulting in instability of the vessel, which can lead to it to sink. The deaths of 66 seafarers in the last 17 months have been linked to nickel ore cargoes undergoing liquefaction.

ClassNK issued its first code on the safe carriage of nickel ore last May and this has now been updated.

 “The intention of this new, improved publication is to provide the administrations in each country with the necessary standards for issuing evidence of approval for specially constructed cargo ships for the carriage of nickel ore, and by extension, increase the safety of the seas they ply,” ClassNK said.

It added the criteria are based on the results of various tests and simulations, implemented over a period exceeding six months, to ascertain the properties of nickel ore in excess of the transportable moisture limits.