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DSME pioneers LNG ship with no boil-off gas

DSME pioneers LNG ship with no boil-off gas

Seoul: South Korean builder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has announced that it has developed a new type of LNG carrier that prevents LNG inside cargo tanks from gasifying, according to the Kaiji Press. This means that no boil-off gas will be generated, making it possible to use an ordinary heavy oil-burning engine as the ship's main propulsion system, which in turn will raise the ship's economics. DSME is now negotiating with two shipping companies about applying its new technology to the vessels it has contracted to build for them.

LNG inside LNG tanks gasifies and generates boil-off gas during voyage. Existing LNG carriers either use this gas as a fuel or liquefy the gas with an on-board regasification system and return it to tanks.

DSME's new LNG carrier raises the boiling point of LNG by heightening pressure inside the tanks and completely prevents the LNG from gasifying during ships' operation. DSME has named the new LNG carrier "sLNGc" (Sealed LNG Carrier) and has applied for 10-odd patents on the technology in South Korea and abroad. It has obtained ship classification societies' approval as well.  [18/05/07]