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ExxonMobil launches new system oil to meet demands of modern two-stroke engines

ExxonMobil launches new system oil to meet demands of modern two-stroke engines
ExxonMobil is launching a new marine system engine oildesigned to maximise performance on two-stroke engines.

Mobilgard 300 C uses an additive formula to improve the cleanliness of the engine and to provide better protection for highly loaded parts.

Speaking to Seatrade Maritime News at Marintec China 2015, Iain White, global marine marketing manager for ExxonMobil explained the reasons why it had developed the new system oil to meet the demands of modern engines.

“Essentially our current product, and all our competitors products, have been around for 30 – 40 years so with the all changes going in engine design we thought it was appropriate to revisit the system oil. Essentially modern engines are using the system oil as a hydraulic medium whereas a few years ago it was barely used to do any hydraulics,” he said.

According to White there are two main features to Mobilgard 300 C. “It's a new additive formula that is particularly good at keeping the engine clean and FZG performance, which is a gear load caring rating, as there are now some highly loaded gears in engine.” In particular on the cleanliness part it is designed to prevent build up of piston undercrown deposits.

The system oil has undergone a 4,000 hour long trial with each of the major engine manufacturers and is approved by MAN and Wartisila for use in two-stroke crosshead marine engines.

As to how ExxonMobil came up with the new additive formula the company looked at issues seen with other engine types.

“If you look at the types of engines that typically suffer from a lot of cleanliness issues its normally more four-stroke engines so what we’ve done is looked at the four-stroke engine additives and brought some of that over into the two-stroke system oil,” White explained.

Mobilgard 300 C will be rolled out into the market in the first quarter of next year effectively replacing ExxonMobil’s existing product on a worldwide basis as stocks are drawn down.