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G6 Alliance blanks nine more Asia - Europe sailings on weak demand

G6 Alliance blanks nine more Asia - Europe sailings on weak demand
In further signs of weakness of demand on the Asia – Europe trade the G6 Alliance is voiding nine sailings across five loops in October and November and January 2016.

The alliance announced that the changes were made “in response to changing market demand”.

The changes are detailed below and G6 stressed it “continues to offer a variety of services between Asia and Europe covering all major port pairs with weekly sailings” but also that it would “make further service adjustments where necessary”.

-       Loop 6 service in week 44, 48, 52 (westbound ETA Fuzhou, 29 October, 26 November and 24 December 2015). Kaohsiung will be added as a westbound call, while Jebel Ali will be inserted on the eastbound leg of Loop 7. The westbound Colombo and Xiamen calls will be added into Loop 4.

-       Loop 7 service in week 45 and 49 (westbound ETA Qingdao, 2 November and 30 November 2015). Qingdao will be added to Loop 4 on the westbound leg in the corresponding week, while Gdansk, Gothenburg and Antwerp calls being covered by Loop 5 on the eastbound direction during the same timeframe.

-       Loop 4 service in week 46 and 50 (westbound ETA Ningbo, 13 November and 11 December 2015). The westbound Le Havre call will be covered by Loop 6 in the respective week.

-       Loop 5 service in week 47 and 51 (westbound ETA Kwangyang, 20 November and 18 December 2015). The westbound Kwangyang and Pusan calls will be added in Loop 7 in the respective week.

-       Loop 1 service in week 53 (westbound ETA Kobe 2 January 2016)