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Incheon port adopts 24-hour operation to meet increasing traffic

Incheon port adopts 24-hour operation to meet increasing traffic
South Korea’s Incheon port will commence 24-hour operation starting 1 July 2016 in order to handle increasing volume of traffic and customer demand, Incheon Port Authority announced.

From 1 July, a total of 37 companies including four loading companies, 13 transport companies, 15 warehouse owners and five service companies will start 24/7 service at Incheon port.

IPA said customers will enjoy 24-hour service such as vessels docking and leaving, and dealing with freight at the main terminal of container without any interruption.

Kim Jong-gil, director of the logistics promotion team of IPA, said: “The non-stop operation service at Incheon port will save port customers’ time and cost and enhance the competitiveness of Incheon port itself.”

The idea of the 24/7 port operation was brought up to Yoo Chang-keun, ceo of IPA, by shipowners’ association, warehousing association and trucking association shortly after Yoo took office in 2014.

The new 24/7 operation is also timely after the opening of Incheon New Port in June 2015. The port opened new routes including routes bound for the US and the Middle East.

The Korean port saw a 8.8% increase in the number of ships docking, up from 7,550 in 2014 to 8,211 in 2015.