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Jeppesen Marine takes giant leap with two new servies

Article-Jeppesen Marine takes giant leap with two new servies

Jeppesen Marine takes giant leap with two new servies

Tokyo: Jeppesen Marine has debuted two new offerings at Sea Japan in Tokyo -Jeppesen Marine Vessel and Voyage Optimization Services (VVOS) and Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts, rolling out technology for the high seas that has previously been used on the moon.
These products are part of a new commercial operations group within Jeppesen Marine which is being led by Captain John Horner.  "You can improve the performance of a ship at any moment and over time through understanding the relationship between speed, power and the marine environment.  With the offerings Jeppesen Marine is bringing to the high seas market, this relationship can be better understood and thus improvements in performance and safety can be achieved," said Horner.
VVOS is a set of operational decision support tools designed for use by both vessel masters and shore-side managers that will help them plan a safe and efficient voyage by taking into consideration key operational objectives, weather and actual ship response characteristics.  The technology that has gone into VVOS was also used for the Lunar Rover.
The advanced VVOS software allows customers to plan best passage by simulating and optimizing routes for a given arrival time with minimal fuel consumption while avoiding potentially hazardous weather.  
Meanwhile, Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts are a service offering of procedural passage plans tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each customer.  The charts use a format derived from Jeppesen's aviation charts, which have been the industry standard for nearly 75 years.
"The value of Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts lies in the consistent, easy-to-use format which provides operators with the ability to implement procedures that improve the safety, efficiency and bridge team communication during critical voyage phases," the firm, which is a Boeing subsidiary, said in a release.  [10/04/08]

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