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Kawasaki Shipbuilding to build world's largest Moss-type LNG tanker

Kawasaki Shipbuilding to build world's largest Moss-type LNG tanker

Tokyo: The Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation has been commissioned to build a newly designed 177,000 cubic mtr tank capacity (175,000 cubic mtr cargo capacity) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier. The vessel, which will be the largest of its kind in the world, is co-owned by Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) Line (which has a 90% stake) and the Tokyo LNG Tanker Company (which has a 10% stake).

The carrier (artists impression pictured) features the four spherical LNG tank Moss-type design and is the first LNG vessel to be equipped with Kawasaki Advanced Reheat Turbine Plant for propulsion - expected to increase fuel efficiency by 15%.

This is the second new carrier jointly owned by the two shipping companies, following a 153,000 cubic mtr vessel that is due to be completed in 2009. They also own a further two LNG vessels in conjunction with other companies.

Upon delivery in 2011, the new tanker will be used to transport LNG from a variety of gas projects for Tokyo Gas - the parent company of the Tokyo LNG Tanker Company. As part of the agreement, NYK will manage the vessel for a span of 20 years.

Tokyo LNG Tanker said, "The new carrier aims to maximize its tank capacity while providing compatibility with major terminals in the Asia-Pacific region, and to achieve 14% more capacity than the 155,000 cubic mtr design for providing more efficient transportation of LNG."

The company, which manages and own five other LNG vessels and plans to incorporate three additional tankers, added that it is also considering expanding its LNG transport business and the chartering in/hiring out of LNG carriers.  [13/11/07]