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KR delivers Rulecheck system to EMSA

KR delivers Rulecheck system to EMSA

Seoul: The Korean Register last week presented its bespoke Rulecheck system to Willem de Ruiter, executive director of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), at its Daejeon headquarters. Based on KR's KR-CON system, Rulecheck brings together a complete list of the wide ranging rules and procedures required by port state control officers (PSCOs) in the Paris MOU region.

Heeding increasing calls from shipowners for standardisation of PSC inspections, EMSA chose KR ?" from an international and open tender process ?" to create a system that would allow PSCOs to produce a checklist of the relevant rules and procedures applicable to specific vessels. Checklists can be created to provide full details for initial as well as for more detailed or expanded inspections. The system enables inspectors to follow the complex elements of EU and international legislation consistently and more effectively.

EMSA's de Ruiter commented: "Rulecheck will, in my view, improve the quality and consistency of port state inspections across the Paris MOU region. I offer my sincere appreciation to the Korean Register for the tremendous work they have done in interpreting the conventions and creating this system for us"

KR chairman and ceo Oh Kong-gyun said: "Our award winning KR-CON system facilitates the easy application of IMO instruments globally. Transferring knowledge and skills from KR-CON to the Rulecheck system has been central to the success of this project and demonstrates KR's leadership in innovation and technology. I am delighted that EMSA selected KR to lead this project and am very pleased to be able to deliver a fully operational system to Mr de Ruiter today".  [10/12/07]