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Maritime Maisie in critical condition, needs refuge: LR

Maritime Maisie in critical condition, needs refuge: LR
Lloyd’s Register (LR) has stated Maritime Maisie is critically structurally impaired after after major fire damage and 50 days adrift in the Sea of Japan.

LR’s Ship Emergency Response Service (SERS) said prolonged exposure to 4m swells may have caused the vessel further damage on top of that already caused by the collision and subsequent fire. SERS indicates ship’s maximum bending moment – wherein the waves cause flexion in the vessel’s hull girder - “exceeds estimated damage strength limits”, and the vessel could break up if subjected to further heavy weather, spilling an estimated 26,000mt of chemicals into the ocean.

The classification society indicated that the provision of refuge for the damaged ship is “most critical”.

"Continued exposure to seas will weaken the ship’s structure – at some point it is likely to fail," commented Wijendra Peiris, SERS team leader. "Maritime Maisie needs to be taken to a safe haven and offload its cargo – as soon as possible. We would be very concerned if the ship is towed for a lengthy period in the open ocean or remains where she is for an extended period."

MSI has requested LR investigate the eventuality of the hull girder breaking, including the effects of escalation by failure of exposed bulkheads, “in planning for the worst eventuality”.

International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the International Union of Maritime Insurance (IUMI) and the International Salvage Union (ISU) made a statement condemning ongoing refusal of refuge last week.