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Mororka software monitors fuel efficiency

Mororka software monitors fuel efficiency
Icelandic company Marorka will be demonstrating its Marorka Onboard software at Marintec 2013, which consists of a server unit and software algorithms handling the acquisition of vessel performance data, handling input from 500 sources every 15 seconds.

Using Marorka’s propulsion optimisation software, a vessel’s officers can examine the propulsion system for inefficiencies, as well as taking into account other data such as the vessel’s trim, adjusting it according to Marorka’s optimal trim data.

Meanwhile, the company’s Marorka Online software allows the owner to monitor the operating efficiency of his ship from the shore, providing, in Marorka’s words, an ‘inspiration for employees to focus on efficiency’. The Marorka Online platform can be accessed from anywhere with a browser and internet connection, which theoretically enables shipowners to use laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Marorka Online also compiles analytics reports, viewable at various intervals, in order to give a condensed and digestible overview of operations. Reports can be compared in order to discern the most or least efficient vessels in a fleet.