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New alternative to LNG carrier concept set for construction

New alternative to LNG carrier concept set for construction

Dubai: Dubai is likely to be the setting of the first-ever conversions of crude oil tankers to compressed gas liquid carriers (CGLCs). These will be for Houston-based SeaOne Maritime Corp, which has developed proprietary new technology for the gas processing and cargo containment systems. The conversions are on a fast-track schedule of 24 months and are being classed by ABS.
Earlier this year, ABS issued Approval in Principle for the new SeaOne systems, which encompass a unique approach. ABS project manager Philip Rynn explains: 'SeaOne is looking at liquefying the gas at other than cryogenic temperatures, plus the containment system is different to any other configuration we have seen for liquefied gas. The concept calls for gas to be stored at a modestly elevated pressure, with the temperature lower than atmospheric but much warmer than the cryogenic temperature for LNG.'
Calling this 'a real alternative to LNG and CNG for those smaller and remote worldwide natural gas reserves,' SeaOne president and coo Bruce Hall gives further detail: 'The production or conditioned gas is transported in gas carriers in liquefied form ?" CGL ?" at a modest pressure and refrigerated temperature in a pipeline system mounted within the cargo area of the tanker. The carrier design is scalable and can deliver pipeline quality gas as loaded and/or fractionated products.' Hall adds that several CGL designs have been developed for conversions ranging from aframax to ULCC-sized tankers; this first project will involve suezmaxes.
Rynn reiterates that 'the SeaOne vessel is different. The conversion consists of new and existing technologies packaged in a unique way. Unlike CNG carrier concepts and LNG carriers, the CGLC has onboard production gas conditioning and processing, liquefied gas storage and sales gas fractionation. Our review will verify that it meets the technical standards required for operating safely in a marine environment.' [01/09/06]

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