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New port community information system for Australia

New port community information system for Australia

Sydney: Australia's major container ports will for the first time be able to access a new community information system from March 2010. Tradegate, an industry-based independent supplier of on-line services to importers, exporters and their service providers has announced it will implement a port community information system in Australia's major container ports.
The system, called PortBIS and developed by industry-based independent supplier of on-line services, Tradegate will enable freight forwarders, importers, exporters, shipping lines, transport operators, port authorities, stevedores and container parks to exchange information for improved efficiency of cargo movements.
Tradegate CEO, Peter Blanchard claimed the new system will enable business users to make better informed commercial decisions leading to reduced costs through improved productivity. "The objective of PortBIS is to obtain data from multiple sources in real time, aggregate that data and make it available to users in the users' desired format. This will reduce cost of data sourcing and reduce total transaction
costs", he said.

"PortBIS will enable Australia's maritime container trade to be on a par with over 40 other container ports around the world where these data information systems have been operational for 25 years," he continued adding, "Phase 1 of PortBIS will become fully operational in the first quarter of 2010, enabling importers and their agents to receive vessel movement information, container alerts and confirmation of empty container returns from over 40 container parks across Australia."
With strong support from Shipping Australia, Tradegate confirmed that feedback from the industry indicates that a system like PortBIS was urgently needed.  [27/11/09]

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