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No sign six missing seafarers from the Thorco Cloud

No sign six missing seafarers from the Thorco Cloud
Nearly a week after the Thorco Cloud sank in a collision in the Singapore Strait there has been no sign of six missing seafarers.

The Thorco Cloud sank on the evening of 16 December when it collided with the chemical tanker Stolt Commitment in Indonesian waters. Six crew were rescued in the incident, while six remain missing.

“We are sorry to report that we do not have anything new on the six missing crew members, but a search and rescue are still ongoing in the local area,” Thorco said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Our thoughts go out to their families who were gathered the day before yesterday at Marlow, the crew provider in Manila. The six surviving crew members are also gathered at Marlow for an internal debriefing.”

According to the first diving survey of the wreck it is on the seabed in two pieces 1,600 m apart (see picture above). The two parts of the wreck are reported to be stable.

“A wreckage and bunkers removal plan is currently being devised. Site scanning and ROV investigations are expected to be completed soon,” Thorco said.