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Pirate 'bomb' planted on hijacked Thai tanker was a dummy

Pirate 'bomb' planted on hijacked Thai tanker was a dummy
The “bomb” planted by pirates on a Thai tanker Lapin after they hijacked it and stole its cargo was a dummy.

Armed pirates boarded the tanker in the Straits of Malacca on 13 February and stole its cargo of 2,000 tonnes of bunker fuel. "The perpetrators also tied the crew up, informed them that an improvised explosive package was left onboard and threatened the crew not to move, before they escaped,” a report into the incident by ReCAAP said.

However, it said according to the Thai Royal Navy the Thai Explosive Ordnance Disposal found the “bomb” to only be an electric circuit with no detonator or explosive attached.

It is the first time a dummy explosive has been used to threaten the crew in a tanker hijacking in Southeast Asia and ReCAAP described the development as “concerning”.

“The use of this ploy serves to distract the authorities, delay their responses and deter the crew from doing much whilst the perpetrators escaped,” it added.