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A safety culture for seafarers?

A safety culture for seafarers?
Safety culture shipboard is a big issue for owners and managers given the risks involved, but it is less than clear that all take this quite as seriously as others once things are far out of sight on the ocean waves.

The photo right (cropped) and below (in full) was posted on the popular SEAFARERS group on Facebook at the weekend with the comment “a nice day for painting”.

The seafarer in question is pictured dangling over the side of the ship on what appears to be a forklift palate by means that would be highly unlikely to pass any kind risk assessment procedures.

Comments from other obviously shocked fellow seafarers on the photo included “Unsafe practices”, “Not safe at all”, “Nice day of PSC inspections”, “Be safe, your family is waiting for you back home”, and “Nice smile, what did they promise you to do something stupid like this?”

While we do not know who the owner or manager of this vessel are it does highlight that many practices that would never pass muster on land are still going at sea.