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Shanghai port makes progress on building up cold ironing facilities

Shanghai port makes progress on building up cold ironing facilities
The Chinese port of Shanghai has made progress with plans to build up shoreside power for ocean-going ships and cruise ships while they are at berth so as to reduce the release of harmful air emissions.

Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission (SHDRC) issued a statement late last week saying that the government of Shanghai city has outlined the incentives to encourage shoreside power using electricity, or cold ironing.

Some of the incentives proposed include subsidising of construction fees, setting minimum usage requirements for ships plugging to the electricity, subsidising the power costs for users, and ensuring affordable costs in accordance to international oil prices.

“According to a survey by the local authorities, international shipping at Shanghai port, especially those at berth, is the main contributor to harmful air emissions, accounting for 90% of the emissions,” a statement from SHDRC said.

“The use of shoreside power is expected to reduce emissions of NOX by 99%, while particulate matter emissions would only be at 3-17% compared to the use of auxiliary engines,” the statement said.

The burning of high-sulphur bunker fuel by ships while at berth is particularly hazardous as the smog is released near to the heavily populated city.

At present, the Yangshan Guandong Terminal and Wusongkou Cruise Terminal have started construction works on the shoreside electricity power facilities. Ocean-going vessels can expect to be able to tap on shoreside power while at berth within this year.