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Shell Marine introduces smarter solutions for lubricants management

Shell Marine introduces smarter solutions for lubricants management
Shell Marine has come up with a new and unique approach to lubricants management for ships with the introduction of its Marine Integrated Lubrication and Expert Solutions (MILES) programme.

The new MILES programme includes purchasing options, services and an extensive range of lubricant products in a multi-faceted strategy addressing users’ operational concerns.

“It is vital that Shell Marine is responsive to the challenges in the maritime industry where complexity and cost pressure is the new normal,” Jan Toschka, executive director of Shell Marine, told a press briefing held on Tuesday as part of Sea Asia 2017.

“We are helping our customers to reduce their operational costs by monitoring lubricant consumption and providing advice about future volume liftings and ports. This offer, in particular when combined with our technical services, helps customers not only to generate cost savings but also reduce complexity on their side,” Toschka said.

In maximising the scale and benefits of MILES, Shell Marine is working with external parties to develop digital solutions utilising greater connectivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

This collaboration will allow Shell Marine to offer new services from building recommendations about optimal volume/port lifting as well as create ways to reduce purchasing costs to the extent of managing the entire lubrication management for the vessel.

In addition to the new lubricant solutions, Shell Marine will be offering different payment solutions to help owners optimise their working capital and budgeting. For example, ‘Flexi pay’ or ‘pay as you consume’ schemes from other industries are being considered by Shell Marine.

“Shell Marine acknowledges that the marine industry needs smarter and more intelligent ways to work together and create synergies on both sides, for shipowners and suppliers,” Toschka said.

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