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Shell Marine lubricants save Chinese ro-ro operator $123,000 a year

Shell Marine has announced that the use of its marine lube oils by China-based ro-ro operator Hainan Strait Shipping has reaped savings to the equivalent of around $123,000 annually for the shipowner.

On Shell Marine’s recommendation, Hainan Strait Shipping switched its trunk piston engine oils to a combination of Shell Argina S3 50 and Shell Gadina S3 40 for six ships operating in the South China Sea.

The change has allowed Hainan Strait Shipping to reduce maintenance and lubricant costs, while improving efficiency and longevity of its MAN Diesel & Turbo main and auxiliary engines.

Joris van Brussel, global general manager of Shell Marine, said: “The solutions we put forward enabled Hainan Strait Shipping to optimise marine engine performance. Shell Marine is proud to offer integrated solutions that combine innovative products and technical services to provide the best solution for our customers.”

The six Chinese vessels now require routine maintenance only every two years, a significant improvement over the 20-day annual downtime for maintenance and repair previously.

The use of the Shell oils has benefited the roro ships’ main and auxiliary engines, extending oil life and improving engine reliability while resulting in 27% lower lubricant consumption.


Shell Argina S3 40 is a multi-functional crankcase lubricant for medium-speed diesel engines operating on residual fuels whose resistance to oxidation reduces the need for oil sweetening when burning HFO. Shell Gadinia S3 40 is particularly suited for medium-speed main/auxiliary engines burning distillate fuels with sulphur contents up to 1%, protecting against oxidisation/thermal degradation and minimising lacquering.

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