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Singapore continues to battle 4,500 tonne oil spill

Singapore continues to battle 4,500 tonne oil spill
Singapore authorities are continuing to battle a 4,500 tonne oil spill from a collision between a tanker and bulker on 2 January but the slick has not headed to the shores of Indonesian resort island Bintan as had been feared.

The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said that no further oil had leaked from the Libyan-registered tanker Alyarmouk after it was involved with the Singapore-registered bulker Sinar Kapuas.

MPA said that four vessels equipped with dispersants, oil booms and skimmers were deployed to the site to contain the oil spill. The two vessels involved in the collision are said to be in a stable condition anchored Northeast of Pedra Branca.

Fears that the spill could head south to hit the Northern shores of the Indonesian island of Bintan have so far proved to be unfounded.

“MPA has also linked up with International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) for its technical expertise to assess the nature of the spill. Satellite imagery obtained on 4 January did not show any of the spilled oil headed towards Bintan. Aerial surveillance by ITOPF on the same day also did not show any spilled oil in the vicinity of Bintan,” MPA said.

The MPA said it continued to monitor for movement of oil patches as well as seeking information from vessels operating in the region.

“One report of a possible sighting of an oil patch off the coast of Tanjong Berakit, northeast of Bintan, was reported to the Indonesian authorities for their investigation,” it said.