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South Korea to tighten container security

South Korea to tighten container security

Seoul: The Korean government has announced that it plans to update its container shipment rules in line with tougher security standards being implemented by the US, EU and international organizations, reports Yonhap News. Although the proposed security measures - scanning of every container destined for the US beginning 2012, have been slammed by a number of ports as being a waste of time and resources, Seoul joined the U.S.-led customs trade partnership against terrorism and Container Security Initiative soon after they were established.

"There is considerable controversy, even within the United States, about the feasibility of checking all incoming containers, but there is a need to be prepared," said a ministry official.

Korea has already initiated security measures, including joint efforts with U.S. customs officials stationed at its ports since 2003, to inspect any suspicious containers headed to America. Busan also operates an X-ray machine used to verify the contents of containers that are considered serious security risks - about 1.7% of all shipments to the US are scanned and opened for content checks.  [23/10/07]