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ST Engineering rolls out suite of greener maritime engineering solutions

Singapore’s ST Engineering has announced a suite of greener engineering solutions for the maritime industry to help them cope with stricter IMO regulations and embark on the overall direction towards innovative operations.

The solutions include Smart Autonomous Vessels (USVs), cybersecurity, scrubber retrofit and LNG-powered vessels, ST Engineering shared at oil and gas industry event OSEA2018 organised by UBM in Singapore.

“The impetus for all of these innovations has stemmed from a fundamental need to optimise resources and improve overall safety, reliability and cost for ship owners and operators,” said Chew Men Leong, chief marketing officer of ST Engineering.

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On USVs, ST Engineering’s in-house developed NERVA ship management and sensemaking system (SMS²) seeks to provide ship operators with intelligent HM&E management and control of the ship systems. This can be done through real time, centralised control and monitoring of platform sensors and systems including intelligent health monitoring and predictive diagnostics on platform machineries.

The group has also developed the Navigation autonomy system capable of autonomous navigation with collision avoidance system.

As digitalised systems are expected to become more integral to vessel operations, the need to prevent cyber-attacks is crucial. To address cyber vulnerabilities, ST Engineering has rolled out products to help critical information infrastructures (CII) defend against cyber-threats.

A smart connectivity, the SuperneT™ Maritime Integrated Communications System (MICS) is also developed to suit various operational requirements of the Public Safety and Maritime sectors and integrates all communication needs on a single platform for both ship-to-shore and shore-to-shore maritime as well as offshore voice communications.

For operators wanted to meet the impending 2020 IMO 0.5% fuel sulphur cap regulation, ST Engineering has designed its own exhaust abatement solution named CoSCRUB™. The single, integrated open loop system include power and fuel savings, automated soot blowing customised stack design, thermal shock prevention, as well as control and monitoring interface ready.

Another green solution comes in the form of LNG-powered vessels. ST Engineering said it has the expertise to introduce more LNG-powered solutions such as LNG bunkering vessels and gas-powered near-shore power plants.

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