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Tanker Pacific to re-float grounded aframax

Tanker Pacific to re-float grounded aframax

Singapore: Singapore based tanker company Tanker Pacific has announced that it is to off load some of the cargo from its 99,000ton double hulled oil tanker M/T White Sea that ran aground just outside New York harbor early yesterday carrying 455,000 barrels of low-sulfur fuel oil.

Although there has been no leakage from the aframax vessel the tanker was ringed with a floating boom to prevent environmental damage. A barge with the capacity to off load about 20,000 tons of the tanker's cargo is scheduled to be in place along side the tanker at 10:20pm New York time today.

"There is no leakage of the cargo or bunker fuel from the vessel. There is some damage, however, to the outer hull at the forepart of the vessel," said Capt. Anil Singh, director of Fleet Operations at Tanker Pacific Management. "The barge's capacity is adequate to significantly reduce the tanker's load so it can float higher in the water. We are hopeful that after taking off some of the cargo, this will enable the vessel to re-float at high tide on Friday evening." High tide is at 7:59pm.

The plan to re-float the vessel has been submitted for approval to the US Coast Guard.  [13/07/07]