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US Navy steps up Seychelles piracy protection

Article-US Navy steps up Seychelles piracy protection

US Navy steps up Seychelles piracy protection

Victoria: The president of the Republic of Seychelles, James Michel, has hailed this week's discussions with General William E. Ward, commander of US Africa Command(AFRICOM), as "extremely warm and fruitful."
President James Michel has welcomed the announcement by the United States of America of its intention to operate surveillance assets, to include P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in Seychelles.
The announcement follows in depth high-level discussions between the two countries on means of strengthening the security situation in the region, which builds on recently ratified provisions of the Status of Forces Agreement by the Seychelles National Assembly.
Following the incidents of piracy around the Seychelles EEZ earlier this year which also resulted in the capture of several Seychellois nationals, President Michel made a call for international support from all partners to counter the scourge of piracy.
The strengthening of US surveillance in collaboration with the Seychelles government will be a key component in the fight against piracy in the region.
"This new venture is both a concrete step in the fight against piracy and a symbol of the trust and understanding which exists between the governments of the Republic of Seychelles and the United States of America. We look forward to continually strengthening this partnership based on our mutual desire for peace and stability in the region," the President stated following the meeting.
The Seychelles president met with US Chargée d'Affaires Mrs. Virginia Blaser and AFRICOM commander General William E. Ward as well as other high-ranking US military personnel at State House here in Victoria, Seychelles. [20/08/09]

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