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World Ocean Council launches 'Corporate Ocean Responsibility'

World Ocean Council launches 'Corporate Ocean Responsibility'

Honolulu: An inaugural World Ocean Council meeting will take place in New York at the end of this month to hammer out a collaborative 'Corporate Ocean Responsibility' approach toward improving the health of the marine  environment.

The workshop will be kicked off by Georg Kell,  Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact and Vaclav Mikulka, Director of the United  Nations Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea.    

"The world's oceans are at risk. The health of the seas depends on developing a more comprehensive  approach to sustainability and stewardship by business. A growing number of companies are trying to be  responsible, but collective efforts beyond those of a few companies or even a whole sector are needed to  address the combined effects on the global ocean ecosystem," said Paul Holthus, Executive Director of the World Ocean Council.     

The World Ocean Council will convene ocean industry sustainability leaders on June 24 and June 25.  Interested companies interested are invited to contact the Council. A special seminar outlining the  growing collaboration on ocean sustainability issues will be held on June 25 as part of the annual UN consultations on oceans. At this event, leadership companies will have the opportunity to familiarize  NGOs, governments and international agencies with their marine environmental programmes.  [09/06/08]