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Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Baltimore Key Bridge controlled demolition

Photo: YouTube screenshot Baltimore-Bridge-explosion-Fox5-screenshot.jpg
A series of controlled explosions has been carried out to blast apart section of the collapsed Key Bridge that was resting on the bow of the container ship Dali.

After two days of delays due to poor weather the explosives were detonated blowing apart the section of the bridge resting across the Dali.

The operation is being the declared as a success by salvage crews. Lieutenant General Scott Spellman with the US Army Corps of Engineers told NBC: “That's an importantmilestone for us because it will allow us now over the next 48 hours to assess the Dali and safely move it to a safer part of the port. And for us to go back in now and pick up the remaining roadway and steel trust at the bottom of the channel to meet our commitment of fully opening, this channel by the end of the month.”

The Dali has been blocking the main channel of the Port of Baltimore since it crashed into the Key Bridge on 26 March causing it to collapse with the loss of six lives.

The aim is now to refloat the vessel and move it to another part of the port where remaining struts of the bridge embedded in the hull and collapsed roadway of the bridge across the bow can be removed.