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Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Demolition of Baltimore bridge delayed twice due to bad weather

Photo: US Army Corps of Engineers photo by Christopher Rosario Francis-Scott-Key-Bridge-Charges.jpeg
Small, controlled explosions to remove a section of the collapsed Key Bridge resting on top of the container vessel Dali in Baltimore port have been postponed for a second day.

Salvors have set a series of small explosives the section of the Key Bridge that lies across the bow of the of Dali to make precision cuts into the structure so it can be removed.

The plan had been for the detonations to be carried out at 5pm local time in Baltimore on Saturday 11 May but the operation was delayed due to bad weather. A second planned attempt 24 hours later on Sunday 12 May was similarly delayed due to weather and the presence of lightening in the area. The operation has now tentatively been schedule for Monday 13 May evening.

The Key Bridge Response Unified Command said precision cuts to the bridge section and small charges was the safest and swiftest method to remove the bridge piece. “This is an industry-standard tool in controlled demolition that will break the span into smaller pieces, which will allow the work of refloating the vessel and removing it from the federal channel,” it added.

The removal of the Dali will allow for the full reopening of the main channel to Baltimore port for the first time since the container ship struck the bridge on 26 March causing it to collapse with the loss of six lives.