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Bahamas flag introduces full electronic certification

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) reports that all of its certification is now available electronically, in line with latest IMO guidelines on the subject.

The moves follows the Authority's launch of a suite of major enhancements to its Bahamas Online Registration Information System (BORIS) late last year, meaning companies registered under the Bahamian flag are now able to access digitally many of the services offered by Registry.

Full electronic certification is “good for clients and good for the environment,” said BMA. “Certificates can now be obtained instantly, records are available online 24/7 and verified on demand through the verification systems. And, of course, the environment benefits as there is less paper waste and a reduced carbon footprint as courier systems are no longer needed.”

“However, where there is a requirement for a hard copy of a certificate, this can be supplied on request,” it adds.

Capt. Steve Bomgardner, global business development director, commented: “The BMA is committed to improving its services to clients and this latest development provides a simple and rapid solution for all vessels, and seafarers, when they require access to their documentation.”

Greater embrace of digital technology has characterised many of the leading flag states’ response to the pandemic, as alluded to by Capt. Dwain Hutchinson, BMA ceo & md, earlier this year when he spoke of how well the industry had adapted its processes during the pandemic.

“We at the BMA are looking forward to taking the newly acquired skills and revised processes to continue providing the highest possible levels of service,” he said. “Of necessity, we have implemented solutions to address unheard-of challenges, the outcome being unexpected benefits in terms of efficiencies for the team and clients alike.”

Besides enhancements to BORIS, which have simplified registration procedures for vessels across the broad spectrum of ships on the Registry, BMA reports that it has set up robust systems to handle remote inspections, surveys and other statutory work.

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