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Evergreen joins X-Press- Feeders South America service

Photo: Alexander Kliem - Pixabay Alexander Kliem - Pixabay.jpg
X-Press Feeders is expanding its 'West Coast South America X-Press' (WSX) service that currently connects Balboa with Ecuador and Peru to Colombia and Chile, with new calls in Buenaventura, Iquique and Arica; while, in Peru, Matarani will also be added.

The extension of the WSX service is being driven by Evergreen's joining as a partner in a move to replace its own Panama service - WCSA 'PWS', which is being shut down.

Evergreen's PWS currently calls at the ports of Balboa, Buenaventura, Guayaquil, Callao, Matarani, Iquique and San Antonio on a bi-weekly basis with two 1,700 and 2,100 teu vessels rotating in four weeks. The extended WSX service calls weekly at Balboa, Buenaventura, Manta, Guayaquil, Callao, Iquique, Matarani, Paita, Guayaquil, Balboa.

Therefore, the new service, called'Pacific Coast of South America' (PSA) by Evergreen, will allow a weekly coverage of the ports served by the "PWS", except San Antonio, while adding Arica (the 'PWS' service called at Arica until July 2019).  

The extended service 'WSX' will complete its itinerary in three weeks (instead of the current two), using three vessels of 1,200 - 1,300 teu including the 1,341 teu vessel Alioth and the 1,296 teu Fouma currently serving the service. The third vessel has not yet been named.


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