Samskip launching Ireland – Amsterdam service to beat Brexit hassles

Photo - Samskip samskipvessel.jpg
Samskip is launching a new weekly container service connecting Ireland and Amsterdam to bypass Brexit hassles.

The new weekly service launching on 25 January gives Irish importers a direct link to northern continental Europe, avoiding Brexit-related bureaucratic hassles of goods received from UK distributors.

The service gives another option to Irish importers and exports at a time when they were weighing up options post-Brexit.

“The Ireland-North Continent freight market is in a dynamic phase, and fixed day container services to/from Amsterdam provide the certainty on which supply chain managers,” said Thijs Goumans, Head of Ireland Trade for Samskip.

Other direct calls apart from Amsterdam could be added to the service.

“Shortsea container services can once more prove themselves more than a match for ro-ro, particularly for products previously shipped to distributors in the UK then redistributed across the Irish Sea,” said Richard Archer, regional director for Samskip Multimodal.

“Amsterdam is a high-performance port connecting straight into the hinterland area and the entire Samskip Ireland team is delighted by this new commitment to pan-European transport.”

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