CCS maintains leading bulker fleet position in 2020

Photo: CCS Naming Ceremony for Ore Zhoushan at the Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Industry shipyard in Shandong Province.jpg
The world’s fastest growing classification society, China Classification Society’s (CCS) bulk carrier fleet has grown by 13% in gross tonnage in the last year.

CCS’ bulk carrier fleet now numbers 1,320 vessels accounting for 62.05m gross tonnes, including 68 very large ore carriers (VLOC) with 11.89m gross tonnes, ranking CCS second for dry bulk carriers and first for VLOCs among the 12 International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) members respectively, according to Clarksons.

CCS has also been named as the best performing IACS member for having the lowest DPI (Deficiency per Inspection Ratio) for bulk carriers.

Currently, CCS’ fleet includes more than 32,000 ships involved in international and domestic shipping, and in excess of 2,600 ocean fishing vessels.

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