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Live from Posidonia

Abu Dhabi Ship Building actively seeking partnerships

Abu Dhabi Ship Building actively seeking partnerships
Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) is attending Posidonia for the first time, looking for industry partners to mutually enhance shipbuilding capabilities.

"We are here to look for partners, to work together," Khaled al Mazroui, ceo of Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding stated in a presentation at Posidonia in Athens. "You cannot work alone, you have to work with other regions, you have to work with other companies. Don't think we are competitors, we are partners. We have to help each other, we have to support each other and by the end of the day we can have mutual benefits for your shipyards and for us as well."

Central to his presentation was the idea of partnership and cooperation between companies across geographic regions to further shipbuilding expertise, with a particular emphasis on manpower support, training, specialist services, OEMs and planning and software interface.

"I know some of the companies here faced financial difficulties, operational difficulties. Ok, we can work together. We can take some of those staff, they can enhance the capability we have. We need to take those talents and keep those in shipbuilding. If after three months or five months you need them, they can be available for your requirements."

ADSB is proactively looking for partners and is open to offering its own expertise in specialist areas in a two way knowledge share.

"Perhaps you have a lack of technicians or engineers specialised in combat systems, which is one of the strengths of our company, OK we can enhance that, bring those engineers in to work at ADSB. Vice versa, we can take our staff and work in your specialist service sectors."

Mazroui also mentioned the possibility of financial cooperation within the industry. "There is a possibility for some partnerships of buying into shares in some shipyards... This would have to be studied by our financial specialists but this is a potential scenario that has been discussed "