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Aegean NWE starts offer of ULSFO in ARA ports

Aegean NWE, marine fuels supplier in the Northwest European region of Aegean Marine Petroleum Group, has made available the supply of ultra-low sulphur fuel oil (ULSFO) in the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam (ARA) port region including Zeebrugge.

Tony Vertommen, regional manager of Antwerp-based Aegean NWE, said the offer of ULSFO is in response to increased demand for the low-sulphur fuel grade in the region.

“The ability to offer ULSFO further strengthens our position in all ARA ports, giving us the flexibility to meet our customers' demands across all fuel grades,” Vertommen said.

“The step into the supply of ULSFO underlines our commitment to the market at a time when all players in the bunker market are mindful of the need to procure compliant fuels in the run up to 2020,” Vertommen said.

The IMO has confirmed that a global bunker fuel sulphur content cap of 0.5% will be enforced from 1 January 2020, lowering from the present cap of 3.5%.

Aegean NWE claimed to be the largest independent physical supplier in the ARA port region, boasting a fleet of 16 inland, estuary and ocean-going bunker tankers.

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