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Aker Arctic unveils 'heavy duty' icebreaker

Aker Arctic unveils 'heavy duty' icebreaker
Aker Arctic has announced a new beefed-up version of its "Oblique" ice-breaking Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) – the ARC100 Heavy Duty (HD).

Like its predecessor, the ARC100, due to be delivered to the Russian Ministry of Transport in 2014, the ARC100 HD’s azimuth thrusters and asymmetrical hull-shape are designed such that the vessel can be turned through 90 degrees – known as “oblique” mode.

Speaking to Seatrade Global, Esko Mustamäki, managing director of Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, said of the ARC100 “The asymmetrical hull will allow the vessel to proceed sideways, thus providing the possibility for a completely new way to conduct oil recovery, even in ice.”

The new “heavy duty” (HD) version ups the original’s bollard pull capability by 2.5 times to 190 tonnes in open water. In oblique mode, the vessel is able to cut a 50 m channel in the ice, as well as being able to use its dynamic positioning capability to spin through 360 degrees to widen ice channels. The ARC100 HD’s vertical hull side itself will act as an oil-clearing sweep arm up to 60m across in heavy waves. The vessel will also feature a skimmer system, including a side door, effective in-built brush skimmers/collector tanks for oil separation, recovered oil transfer pumps, and a discharge pump.

“This project… shows the way design and construction efforts are keeping pace with continuing demand for harder to recover energy sources," said Mikko Niini, Aker Arctic Technology managing director. “With the awarding of drilling permits in the Arctic subject to increasing scrutiny, this is another example of Aker Arctic Technology’s commitment to meeting the challenges set by nature.”

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