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Clarksons 'Won't be held to ransom' in cyber security breach

Clarksons 'Won't be held to ransom' in cyber security breach
Shipbroker Clarksons has been hit by a cyber security incident, which it has reported to the police in the UK.

In a statement Clarksons said that in a cyber security incident unauthorised access was gained to its systems via a single user account which has since been deactivated.

The hacker stole data from Clarksons systems and it warned that the person or persons behind the incident could release some data may release some data.

“The company is in the process of contacting potentially affected clients and individuals directly,” Clarksons said.

The attack would appear to an attempt to ransom the shipbroker with Clarksons ceo Andi Case saying: “I hope our clients understand that we would not be held to ransom by criminals.”

The company added: “As a responsible global business, Clarksons has been working with the police in relation to this incident. In addition, the data at issue is confidential and lawyers are on standby wherever needed to take all necessary steps to preserve the confidentiality in the information,” the shipbroker said.

Clarksons said it had been working with data security specialists to investigate further and notified relevant regulatory authorities.

Ceo Case added: “ Issues of cyber security are at the forefront of many business agendas in today’s digital and commercial landscape and, despite our extensive efforts we have suffered this criminal attack.

“As you would rightly expect, we’re working closely with specialist police teams and data security experts to do all we can to best understand the incident and what we can do to protect our clients now and in the future.”

Clarksons joins Maersk and BW Group in being hit with cyber security incidents this year.

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