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Deltamarin, Brevik Technology to launch new multigas carrier design

Deltamarin, Brevik Technology to launch new multigas carrier design
Ship designer Deltamarin and Vard affiliate Brevik Technology have come together to develop a novel multigas carrier design, incorporating Deltamarin’s B.Delta and the new-generation patented cylindrical gas tanks by Brevik Technology.

The design, believed to be cost efficient and easy-to-build, can be utilised for LNG, LPG, LEG and ethane carriers.

“Up to now gas carriers have been complex and expensive to design and construct. This is not the case anymore as Brevik Technology has developed cylindrical steel tanks, which are separate from the vessel hull”, explained Øystein Kristoffersen Sæther, managing director of Brevik Technology.

Brevik Technology said the cylindrical tank design allows the tanks to expand in all directions without putting stress on the vessel hull. The independent containment system, which can be built into a vessel as is, results in better possibilities to utilise the existing well-proven ship design.

The design based on the B.Delta is actually a bulk carrier design equipped with cylindrical tanks for the gas cargo. “As a bulk carrier, the vessel is easier and cheaper to build compared to a traditional gas carrier, and there may be many new potential yards capable of constructing such a vessel,” said Mika Laurilehto, managing director of Deltamarin.

At present, a highly competitive economical and easy-to-build product is available for the market for smaller-scale gas carriers of 31,000 cu m. In future, it is planned that medium- and larger-scale vessels will also be provided with a similar design.

Along with newbuilds, the design will also be available for retrofit vessels such as the conversion of a bulk carrier to gas carrier.