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I-Tech develops disssovable packaging for anti-fouling coatings additive Selektope

Selektope, a bio-chemical additive to coating to combat hull fouling is now available in drop-in, dissovable packaging.

I-Tech, which produces Selektope, has developed an expanded polystrene (EPS) container that can be added to paint without being opened meaning that antifouling agent is entirely dust free. I-Tech said that the container “dissolves almost instantaneously without leaving any traces in the coating system”.

EPS container system holds 300-800g of medetomidine, the chemical name for Selektope, as a dry powder.

“This latest innovation from I-Tech supports our customers in the safe use of Selektope and is a game-changer for the addition of biocides during the paint manufacturing process,”  Philip Chaabane, ceo I-Tech. 

“In recent years, I-Tech has been successful in scaling up the production of its unique technology from quantities measured in kilos to a robust manufacturing platform producing at multiple tons scale.” 

The Selektope additive was developed from the pharmaceutical industry where the quantities of medetomidine was used in very small quantities rather than industrial quantities used by I-Tech as marine coatings additive.

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I-Tech will at the SMM Hamburg exhibition between 4-7 September at stand A5.608.

Seatrade Maritime News will be reporting live from SMM 2018

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