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Intertanko welcomes EMSA 0.1% sulphur inspection guidelines

Intertanko welcomes EMSA 0.1% sulphur inspection guidelines
Intertanko has praised the European Maritime Safety Agency's (EMSA) decision to issue guidelines for EU Sulphur Directive compliance inspections.

The Sulphur Inspection Guidelines address concerns throughout the industry that policing of sulphur emissions, administered by individual EU member states, would be inconsistent and poorly-coordinated.

The guidelines state that proof of fuel’s 0.1% sulphur content should be demonstrated by bunker suppliers before delivery of the fuel to the ship, as well as on board, to ensure that vessels will not be penalised because of unscrupulous fuel suppliers.

“The guidelines are a result of extensive work under the European Sustainability Shipping Forum (ESSF) aimed to ensure enforcement of the EU Sulphur Directive,” said Intertanko md Katharina Stanzel. “We welcome these guidelines and commend the efforts to harmonise EU Member States’ approaches to ships.”

The group also praised the standardisation of testing in engine rooms, and the request for quality evidence from testing labs. “Intertanko, which participates in the ESSF activities, is pleased to see harmonised enforcement, and advocates a balanced approach, not only implementing control measures on ships, but also ensuring fuels delivered to ships are ECA compliant," says Ian Harrison, Intertanko senior technical manager.