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Nanol lubricant additive proves 2% fuel savings

Nanol lubricant additive proves 2% fuel savings
Nanol Technologies, producer of lube oil additive, has affirmed a 2% reduction in fuel consumption on a roro cargo vessel with the use of its technology in the main engine.

In a project commissioned by the charterer and operator of the roro cargo vessel named Seagard, European shipping company Transfennica and owner-operator Bore, ClassNK-Napa Green vessel performance monitoring collected data over a four-month period during which Seagard operated along the same route and with the same engine settings.

This analysis of the data collected showed a 2% reduction in fuel use when Nanol was present in active quantities.

Johan von Knorring, founder and ceo of Nanol Technologies, commented: “Based on previous test results by more than 10 shipping companies and more than 13,000 hours of operational use, Nanol has long been convinced that our patented lubricant additive delivers immediate economic benefits in terms of fuel efficiency as well as the long-term gain of prolonging key engine component lifetimes.”

Rogier Heijnsbroek, operations manager at Transfennica, said: “Transfennica is committed to meeting high environmental standards, reducing emissions and improving the energy efficiency of our fleet. With this in mind we always give consideration to operational tools and technologies that can help us meet these goals.”

The verification of the results of Nanol’s technology has lead Transfennica to continue further testing of its use on Seagard and consider expanding it to other vessels in its fleet.