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Neste to launch high-vioscosity, low-sulphur marine fuel grade at end-2017

Neste to launch high-vioscosity, low-sulphur marine fuel grade at end-2017
Helsinki-based Neste is planning to launch a low-sulphur marine fuel which has a significantly higher viscosity than the currently available products at end-2017.

“The new solvent deasphalting (SDA) unit to be commissioned at our Porvoo Refinery enables the launch of a new type of a product. As a result, we are able to produce a heavier product with a sulphur content of under 0.1% and highly competitive other properties compared with distillate-based products available in the market,” said Varpu Markkanen, business development manager at Neste.

Neste is currently offering two low-sulphur marine fuels with sulphur content less than 0.1%. The products meet the requirements set out in the EU Sulphur Directive for ships operating in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel.

Neste, Finland’s oil refiner and renewable diesel supplier is supplying its low-sulphur marine fuels to Tallink Grupp's ships that operate in Finnish ports and bunker fuel in Helsinki and Turku.

“Neste's low-sulphur marine fuel has improved the energy efficiency of our engines by an average of 3% compared with heavy fuel oil in addition to the environmentally important feature of low sulphur content,” said Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, head of ship management of Tallink Grupp.

The low-sulphur marine fuels are distributed from Neste's terminals in Naantali and Kokkola, from where products are trucked to all Finnish ports. In addition, ships can be bunkered ex-pipe at the Porvoo and Naantali refinery harbors.