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Norwegian group to offer total oil spill response solution

Norwegian suppliers Framo, Maritime Partner, Norbit Aptomar, and NorLense have come together to create the OSRV (Oil Spill Recovery Vessel) Group to offer a complete oil spill response solution, including possible conversion of conventional supply vessels.

The new group will offer a packaged solution that covers all aspects of oil spill situations, from detection and containment to recovery of the spill, the partners said in a joint press release.

“Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop where we pool our efforts and act as a total systems supplier of safe, highly functional, and well-tested technology. The emergency response equipment has undergone thorough testing and quality assurance drawing on 40 years of oil spill response experience,” said Framo area manager, Oil & Gas Pumping Systems Jørgen Brandt Theodorsen.

The four Norwegian companies are all specialists in their particular fields, and will bring their world-leading technologies to the OSRV Group.

They will supply quality Norwegian-manufactured components, which will enable conversion of conventional supply vessels to emergency oil-spill response support units. This could help offshore supply vessel contractors convert existing vessels, many of which are currently still lying idle, to an emergency response role.

“Oil spill response is a complex operation. This is a turnkey solution where customers have access to emergency preparedness expertise without themselves having to acquire this. With our package solution, supply vessels can easily be upgraded and used as part of new emergency response tenders. It is quick and easy for shipowners to convert existing vessels in order to offer new services to oil companies,” said Norbit Aptomar sales and marketing director Lars Solberg.

“The customer only has to deal with one of the partners to get access to a complete system that covers everything and is fully adapted in terms of functionality, volume and size,” added Roy Arne Nilsen from the international sales team at NorLense.

“Going forward, delivery lead-times will be of utmost importance. When the assignments start ticking in, getting the mandatory equipment on board could become a time-critical issue. As the OSVR Group, we will ensure that an emergency oil-spill response system reactive, responding quickly,” concluded  Peder Myklebust, md boat-building specialist Maritime Partner.  

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