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Rickmers loads Siemens' biggest ever gas turbine

Rickmers loads Siemens' biggest ever gas turbine
Multipurpose heavy lift vessel (MPSV) Rickmers Hamburg has loaded the biggest Siemens gas turbine ever built at Bremerhaven port.

Comprising a 600 megawatt generator weighing 485 tonnes, coupled with a 465-tonne generator and accessories, the cargo is the first of four shipments bound for the port of Tekirdag, southwest of Istanbul, where they will be delivered to a gas power plant project in Hamitabat, northwest Turkey.

The project is due for completion in summer 2017.

“Due to the weight of the cargo and the (for us) historic background of the location, this was not just like any other port call,” said Dirk Gindl, gm sales Germany at Rickmers-Linie. “Of course, no loading operation is ever exactly like another and it is never a routine. As always, thorough preparation, taking into consideration the value, size and weight of the cargo, was key to ensure a smooth and safe operation.”