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Salvors to pump 3,000 tonnes of water from stricken Hoegh Osaka

Salvors to pump 3,000 tonnes of water from stricken Hoegh Osaka
Salvors are to start work on pumping out up to 3,000 tonnes of water inside the stricken car carrier Hoegh Osaka.

The UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) said pumping operations would start once weather improved.

“An oily film has formed on top of this water from the hydraulics of the vehicles on board. The salvors will use a technique that draws the water from the bottom of the vessel to avoid this oily film. The removal of this water should reduce the vessel’s list,” it said in a statement.

The vessel remains at anchor with a severe list two miles from where she was deliberately grounded last Saturday after leaving the port of Southampton.

Salvage work that is expected to take five to seven days will be carried out before the vessel is moved back to the port of Southampton.

“This work includes a hull inspection by divers, the removal of the water that entered the ship through the now-repaired crack, and ballasting operations to reduce the list,” MCA said.