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Trust in data vital for digitalisation: DNV GL

Trust in data vital for digitalisation: DNV GL
As shipping faces a digital revolution DNV GL sees trust in the data itself and the custodian as vital in creating value from big data.

DNV GL is set to launch a new data management platform – Veracity – which has been running as pilot for 18 months. “Veracity is a data management platform where DNV GL is the neutral data management custodian,” DNV GL group president and ceo Remi Eriksen told a media briefing on Monday in Oslo.

“We have to trust the sensors generating the data, we have to trust , we have to trust the people and partners who have access to the data,” Eriksen stated.

With digitalistion referred to as the fourth industrial revolution Eriksen is looking for DNV GL to provide its customers with something he dubbed “Trust 4.0”.

“We have always been entrusted with data by our customers in the analogue world and I believe it is now time to bring this into the digital world, and I like to think of that as Trust 4.0 and the driving force behind our new data programme Vercacity,” Eriksen stated.

“We know many of our customers struggle to manage their data supply chains. Many times the users of the data do not know the origin of the data, the context in which it was born, the legal and contractual frameworks and the obligations that goes with the data. These are the problems and this lack of knowledge is the key barrier to unlocking the data and those are exactly the challenges we relish at DNV GL.”

There also needs to be trust in the quality of the data and Eriksen noted that they had seen more issues with quality of data than they originally had expected.

DNV GL – Maritime ceo Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, explained: “Veracity’s data quality assessment service is based on the fact that we have seen too many datasets with low quality. Our new unique service is based on a Recommended Practice and embeds 17 different data quality dimensions which are numerically checked and displayed in a dashboard and heatmap. This lets us not only understand the quality of the data, but improve it.”

Veracity has been on an 18 month pilot project with Japan's NYK and an undisclosed OEM.

DNV GL is currently offering what it terms “private previews” of the new services with a wider rollout at the of Q3 and in Q4 this year.

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