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Live from Posidonia

The Greek shipping market with ABS and Posidonia

Two experts on all things maritime in Greece share their market insights and set the scene for Posidonia 2024 on June 3-7.

As Posidonia 2024 draws near, Seatrade Maritime senior correspondent Gary Howard speaks to Elias Kariambas, vice president, business development, Greece at ABS and Theodore Vokos, managing director at Posidonia Events to set the scene for Greece’s biggest international maritime exhibition.

Elias brings his insights into the challenges facing shipowners in Greece across all sectors, and his understanding of their priorities from conversations at ABS’s events and seminars in the country, and meetings with shipowning clients.

Theo brings his own viewpoint on what’s happening in Greece, and how regional and global shipping challenges are reflected in the Posidonia 2024 exhibition and event programme.

Education is a strong theme from both guests as shipping looks to inspire young generations and secure a supply of talent across the wide range of roles the maritime industry relies on both on land and at sea.

Decarbonisation, digitalisation and regulation are woven throughout the conversation, reflecting the importance and interdependence of those topics, the leading role class plays in supporting shipowners in achieving compliance, and Posidonia’s position as a both a place for industry conversations and a marketplace for the technologies and products shipping relies on.

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