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The digital revolution in the shipping industry

We asked several industry leaders what they think about the digital revolution in the shipping industry. This is what they see happening.

We spoke with several industry leaders on what they think about the digital revolution in the shipping industry. This is what they had to say.

Watch the video or read their responses below.

Eric Jan Bakker, Head of Sales Asia-Pacific, Marlink

“I think the digital revolution, or rather evolution is happening. It’s starting. The important thing to realise is that digitalisation is no longer a buzzword. It’s here and it’s happening. If the maritime industry is not going to embrace it then others might. It might even end the maritime industry and create the disruption that has been talked about.”

Lars Jensen, CEO and Partner, SeaIntel Maritime Analysis

“I think we are in the very early phases of the digital revolution. A lot of the activities taking place right now in the digital revolution is very much centred around how we can use that to create standards which is very much needed, but it’s a foundation in itself, and still relate it to how we can save costs. What comes next? But what’s going to be a little bit down the line is how we can leverage this towards value creation for the shipping lines, the shippers, and the end consumers.”

Pierpaolo Barbone, President, Wartsila

“Well it’s something that is touching all industries. We are a part of an integrated ecosystem and for sure, it’s touching also our industry. It’s something that is already between us and will impact our industry day-by-day, providing opportunities for optimisation, for installations, for preventing the unpredictable, to analyse the performances of our equipment, and to be more efficient in that way.”

Andrew Faiola, Director, Mobility Solutions, EMEAAP, Intelsat

“I think the digital revolution in the shipping industry is very exciting. There’s a number of innovations going on both in our part of the businesses as well as in the technological part of shipping that will hopefully drive value for shipping operators and help really increase the economics of the business. The industry has gone through a downcycle as everybody knows since 2008, slowly starting to recover, but there’s a long way to go and I think we can help shipping companies continue to recover.”

Jens Poulsen, CEO, The Marcura Group

“There are so many guesses as to how it’s going to unfold. I think there’s an expectation that there is going to be a grand solution that we can all subscribe to. That’d be lovely. But the key is for everybody to start acting digital in what they do day-to-day, so as to be ready when the next digital level or opportunity presents itself, you had taken the initial baby steps. A lot of companies are making an earnest effort but it’s very expensive for them to take the first steps. They could gain from working together to not make the same mistakes. There’s a shared learning curve that the industry is somewhat missing.”

Geir Isene, Innovation Manager, Dualog Innovation Garage

“I don’t think of it as a revolution. I think of it as catching up with the rest of the world, because there is a lot of innovation pushing the boundaries in other places and the shipping industry seems to be coming out of a conservative mindset, sort of getting up on the horse and trying to trail the others. I would say it’s a catching up game more than a revolution, really.”

Stephan Jorgensen, Regional Sales Director, APAC, Cobham Satcom

“We are on the way. It started maybe 10 years ago. Since 2009, we’ve had broadband access onto vessels all over the world. We ship 50.000 ships to terminals. What we’re seeing now is the next big coming of technology shifts. The activity level across shipowners of every size is really astonishing. There’s no doubt that the connectivity and broadband access is just accelerating. We haven’t reached the peek yet.”

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