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Atlantium readies launch of new UV ballast water management system

Atlantium chief technology officer Ytzhak Rozenberg
Israeli-based Atlantium Technologies is readying its proprietary ballast water management system (BWMS) for a full commercial launch before the end of this year, as the UV-based system is undergoing a shipboard testing on a Zim mid-sized container vessel.

Atlantium chief technology officer Ytzhak Rozenberg said that the BWMS, named Purestream, has been developed over a six to seven-year period before it has now achieved two stages of validation process and is in the midst of obtaining the US Coast Guard (USCG) type approval.

The first two stages of validation process completed were the readiness evaluation and the land-based validation, in accordance with the IMO BWMS Code and the USCG Ballast Water Discharge Standard, with Lloyd’s Register (LR) as independent laboratory and Israel’s Niva as the test facility in Norway.

“We decided to go full scale into the market and developed this innovative UV disinfection technology which is not off the shelf item. It has the ability to treat very bad water condition, delivering the needed UV dose which is relatively high and our filter is specially designed and purchased from a leading Israeli filtration company,” Rozenberg told Seatrade Maritime News.

“Based on our land-based validation, we have demonstrated that our system can treat water under IMO standard with one pass, meaning we are meeting the discharge levels after ballasting,” he said.

Atlantium’s proprietary One-pass approach requires operation of the technology only during ballasting, there are no requirements for operation during de-ballasting. This attribute of Atlantium’s technology reduces its overall power consumption by 50% when compared to traditional UV-based BWMS that must treat during the ballasting and de-ballasting steps to ensure a discharge effluent that is in regulatory compliance.

Seatrade Maritime News is reporting Live from Sea Asia 2019

“We also have a unique control mechanism which is a continuous control unlike others that exist in the market which is a step control at 100% or 50% of the flow rate. In our case we can do it continuously at 100%, 99%, 98%, and so forth - or at the exact rate based on the water condition,” Rozenberg explained.

The Purestream BWMS is also validated to operate at minimum retention times of less than or equal to 24 hours following treatment of 100% of the maximum flow under difficult water conditions with UV transmittance as low as 40% UVT.

Rozenberg said the company has the ability to accelerate production based on market demand, and its solution is expected to have a price competitive edge.

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