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UAE added to insurers Joint War Committee risk list following tanker attacks

Following the 12 May sabotage attacks on four tankers off Fujairah the LMA Joint War Commission (JWC) has added the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to its listed areas for Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils.

The decision by the JWC was taken on Friday, following a meeting earlier in the week where it had deferred a decision on amending its list of war risk areas.

“Very little information is to hand about the explosions at Fujairah anchorage on 12th May and the circumstances and methods employed remain unclear. There is no doubt that considerable damage was done and there will be significant claims,” the JWC said.

“The JWC has met to review the situation and in the light of further information, has updated the Listed Areas to reflect the perceived heightened risk across the region. The situation will be kept under close review.”

The move by insurers does not automatically impact insurance rates on vessels calling in the UAE and application in contracts is a matter for individual negotiation.

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The attacks came at time heighten tensions in the region with the US tightening sanctions on Iran, and while no-one has claimed responsibility many experts believe that Iran was involved.

Saudi Arabia has announced an emergency summit of Gulf and Arab leaders scheduled on 30 May to discuss recent attacks on Saudi oil installations and commercial vessels off the coast of the UAE.