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New women’s committee to empower Abu Dhabi Ports’ female workforce

New women’s committee to empower Abu Dhabi Ports’ female workforce
Abu Dhabi Ports (ADP) has tasked a newly established women’s committee with championing the cause and career advancement opportunities of females in the male-dominated maritime sector.

Dr Noura Al Dhaheri, gm of ADP’s recently inaugurated ‘Maqta Gateway’ port community system, has been appointed president of the five-member committee which will begin work next month.

Unveiled in commemoration of Emirati Women’s Day, the committee has been charged with building on ADP’s commitment to women in the industry which has included the appointment of the first female crane operator and navigation service co-ordinator in the region.

Emirati women make up 78% of ADP’s total female workforce and represent 34% of total Emiratis working at ADP which operates Abu Dhabi’s flagship Khalifa Port, nine other commercial, logistics, community and leisure terminals and the Khalifa Industrial Free Zone (Kizad).

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ADP ceo, Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, said the new committee would enhance the “unique role women play in the sector and wider local community”.

“In a male-dominated industry, it is vital that we ensure women are motivated, empowered and have access to the same opportunities available for men,” Shamisi said.

“Women bring new perspectives, approaches and insights to our operations that keep us ahead of our competition. Our wise government has continuously worked to eliminate all obstacles standing in the way of women’s advancement in all fields of work and we aim to mirror that vision to ensure every employee of both genders reaches their full potential which will then reflect positively on our business.”

This year’s Emirati Women’s Day, celebrated on Sunday, was held under the theme of “Women and Innovation”.

ADPs points to the role Dr Dhaheri has played with Maqta Gateway as a case in point of a female led initiative that is “changing the face of the logistics industry and increasing the competiveness of [ADPs]”. Maqta Gateway is a purpose built system offering shipping lines, ship and custom agents, terminal operators and other government agencies a single point-of-access and real-time information across a wide range of services.

“I am privileged to have been selected as a president of the Ports Women’s Committee. With this privilege comes great responsibility and I am excited to start working with my female counterparts on finding creative ways for empowering women at work in our sector,” Dr Dhaheri said.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to our Mother of the Nation, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, for her endless support of women which inspires me and my Emirati sisters.”